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Where are the Sauces made? 

We make them in a shared Commissary in Canton Ma,  

Where can I find the ingredients? 

The ingredients are listed on the label if people have any allergies that they are worried about. Tags will have any warnings for peanuts, gluten, or any other severe allergies.

Are these sauces gluten-free? 

These sauces are gluten-free! However, we do not operate in a gluten-free kitchen. 

What should I get if I am trying Bauce Sauce for the first time? 

You should get the 4oz combo pack and then try them all; it all depends on what flavors you enjoy and how much of a frequent hot sauce user you are. 

For example:

  • If you use hot sauce like once a week, buy the Starter Pack.
  • If you use hot sauce almost every day, get the 8 oz Combo Pack. 
  • If you don’t like it too spicy, get the Spicy Salsa verde or any Limited Edition Sauce classified as “MILD.” 
  • You like a little bit of heat in any sauce Labeled “Medium.”
  • You like Spicy get anything we make that ranges from “Medium” to “Extra Extra HOT.”

What’s the shipping process? 

Shipping takes about 1-4 business days, depending on where you are, and if your order is received closer to Sunday, it may take longer. We try and charge less than our competitors when it comes to shipping costs; we pay 32.5% of the fee charged to use to ship any items. We aren’t a big corp. We do what we can and price accordingly. Free Shipping When you spend $30 + in our online store up to $75. 

Do you use any preservatives?

We do not use any preservatives or emulsifiers in our sauces. We keep the sauce as natural as possible.

What to do if I open the box and one or all sauce bottles are damaged?


Take a picture of the damaged items and send it to us Via Email to or DM us on Instagram @Falcosbaucesauce. Please be sure to attach the images of the damaged items and the order number. We will send you a replacement item. *We do not offer any refund for damaged items*